Meet Our Dogs

Would some comfort from a calm, furry friend help you feel more at ease in the dentist's chair? At South Shore Dentistry, our team understands it’s not uncommon for patients to experience dental anxiety or fear. That's why, in addition to our sedation dentistry services, our office is home to gentle therapy dogs who are ready to provide comfort and support to patients of all ages.

Research indicates that therapy dogs can help decrease feelings of stress, minimize the sensation of pain, and promote a better overall mood. We're confident you'll have a more pleasant dental experience with our friendly, well-trained in-office therapy dogs available to pet during your visit!

When you call to schedule your next dental appointment, ask about scheduling with one of our therapy dogs. They'll be happy to keep you company!

Stout - Office Therapy Dog

I am a rescue dog from Texas. My story was my brother and I were found wandering with our dad, and with a lot of luck I ended up at Dr. Burt’s house. I’m a Yellow Labrador and because my human mom takes me on long walks twice a day I fixate on everything she does. I love my walks and even more I love my tennis balls. I’ll play longer than anyone else. I guess that’s why after awhile they all walk away. I’m 5 years old and stay busy with my walks, my new little brother Chief, and following my mom around. I also like to come into the dental office to say hello to all the patients and see what snacks I can get at lunch time – don’t tell dad!

Chief - Office Therapy Dog

Hi I’m new at Dr. Burt’s house as of March 2023. I was “just a little puppy” at 8 weeks old then, but now I’m 5 months old and growing more and more every day. Stout is my big brother and I torture him on a regular basis, until dad tells me to stop. I have been going to the dental office every day since I was brought home from Montana. I’m a Red Fox Labrador and love to be outside and swim in the ocean with Stout and in the pool. You should see me LAUNCH into the pool! I’m learning lots of new behavior stuff so I am polite, especially when I’m “at work”. I love to walk around and see who is here and sniff everything. Sometimes I walk around alone before anyone misses me. Hope to see you soon!

In Memoriam – Gunner (2010 – 2021)

Gunner was the key dog to begin Emotional Support Dogs at South Shore Dentistry. As one can imagine he was a hit from day one and we never looked back, as patient after patient requested that he always be there at their appointment.

Gunner was adopted by Dr. Burt as a Rescue Dog when he was 1 year old. Training Gunner became a new challenge as he was very high spirited. The same high spirit that made him an energetic and loving family dog, and that made him so personable with all the patients who got to know him.

It was tragic when we lost Gunner, and he will always be remembered as you can see from all the pictures throughout the office. His smile, energy and most of all his loving personality will always be cherished. You cannot talk about SSD dogs and not talk about Gunner.


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