Perio Protect™ in South Weymouth, MA

South Shore Dentistry is excited to introduce a new, easy-to-use periodontal treatment system with Perio Protect™! This treatment system was created to be simple to use and highly effective for patients who are experiencing gum disease and its related symptoms. Our South Weymouth dental team will ensure you have everything you need to use Perio Protect effectively and support your best, healthiest gums!

How Does Perio Protect™ Work? 

Perio Protect offers easy, non-invasive gum disease treatment, using custom-fitted trays to deliver periodontal medicine directly to the gums. The medicine will be prescribed by your dentist specifically for you, and will be provided in gel form, so you can simply fill your custom-fitted trays with the gel and wear them as directed. 

When you begin treatment with Perio Protect, your South Shore Dentistry team will provide everything you need to treat your smile: custom-fitted trays for the upper and lower teeth, periodontal medicine, and complete instructions on how to best use, clean, and store your trays, including how long to use them and when. Patients will typically only need to wear the trays for about 15 minutes at a time — for the ultra-safe, ultra-effective Perio Gel, a little bit goes a long way!

The convenient Perio Protect system makes it easy to care for the health of your gums while you go about your daily life. This system helps patients fight periodontal infection and restore a healthier smile. Patients also notice fresher breath and whiter teeth!

Learn More About Perio Protect™

Learn More About Caring for Your Gums with Perio Protect

Perio Protect makes it easier than ever to address gum disease and brighten your smile at your convenience! To learn more about caring for your smile with this exciting new system, schedule your consultation today

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